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Our Core Values

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African Descent Witness

We are a multicultural community committed to our African descent roots.


We embrace all people and their unique gifts.


We invest in deep relationships in our church and our neighborhood.

Holy Tenacity

We are determined to see God's dream of justice become reality.


In praise and in sorrow, we find joy in Jesus. 


We are a Reconciling in Christ congregation which means we celebrate people of all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

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Pastor Matt Canniff-Kesecker


Lifting every voice with the joy of Jesus!

Our Story

Prince of Peace was originally envisioned as a center for service in Warnersville after federal urban renewal leveled the neighborhood. Service with the community beyond our walls is part of our DNA. 

Read more of the early history of Prince of Peace here.

Prince of Peace is located in a historic neighborhood with an important story. Watch this short film to learn about Warnersville, the first community of land-owning formerly enslaved people in Greensboro. 

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